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Restoring Badly Broken Stones 
Mary's Tombstones Before
It Can Be Done! 
Mary's Tombstones After

 This restoration was possible because Mary had photos of these headstones before the damage. This was very helpful in putting them back together.
Three Headstones from the  Mid 1800's 
Broken During a Tornado and Cleanup Following
Left: About 18 larger pieces found

Center: About 8 larger pieces found

Right: About 11 larger pieces found

Still several chunks missing
Click on photos for larger image
Headstone on right is 2-sided and cannot be flipped yet
Headstone on left includes 2 pieces
Tombstones carefully reassembled on 1/4" HDPE (polyethylene).
Others Reassembled
Bonding surfaces of each piece are scrubbed free of dirt
Cleaned Surface
Before Cleaning
After Cleaning
Wire brushed and reassembled
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Wire brushed and reassembled
2 Equal Piles of "A" Epoxy and 1 Equal Pile of "B" Hardener
The 3 equal piles (2:1) well mixed
Mixed and ready to use: Scrub putty into pores of all bonding
"Primed", "Buttered", and squeezed together.
The repair should cure overnight
Flipped the next day
There will be several voids
A smaller batch of putty may be enough
Other side filled with putty
Other side filled with putty
Finished Stones
Finished Stones