"God Bless America"
     (1) BEFORE:  Failed old repairs with only small pieces missing. Note significantly lighter color at break vs. exterior of headstone.
(3) Base after dirt removal with wire brush (bottom only) and bottom half of headstone. 3 or 4 bricks used to level base.
(5) Base leveled and headstone plumbed. Note space underneath base for polymer concrete to make bigger footprint (back)
(7) Mold released form placed and bottom sealed off with polymer concrete
(9) With base leveled, plumbed bottom piece is dry fitted with top half
(11) Forms easily removed
(13) Front also slightly darker than weathered surface: both back and front will (soon) be rubbed with a coarse sanding sponge to remove just the right amount of much darker surface material and expose the right level of lighter repair material.
(15) Back (color under this darker seam is same as widened base below)
(17) A few dozen more have fallen over and some broken. Some good science and good engineering coupled with artistry and craftsmanship.
(2) Bottom of top piece after very light chipping of old failed "glue" and good scrubbing with wire brush.

(4) Break scrubbed with wire brush (color much lighter than weathered surface)
(6) Front Leveled

(8) Form filled to bottom of smaller old base with runny polymer concrete
(10) Tombstone restoration kit is mixed 2 parts A to 1 part B; mix is scrubbed into both pieces to be bonded, putty is then applied to both surfaces before carefully aligning the pieces. Squeezed out putty is removed with putty knife and reapplied to missing areas. Much darker fine dry material is thrown against the fresh light colored putty.
(12) Back: Note darker repair joint 
(darker at surface)
(14) "Finished" job (front) still needs color matching; rub in some dirt around polymer concrete flash at bottom of widened base.
(16) It's beginning to belong in this spot!